Frequently Asked Questions

Are the activities a live video stream or is it pre-recorded?

Our activities are not pre-recorded.  They are pre-scheduled and held on  Zoom. All activities will be led by the animator.

How long is a Zoom activity? How many Zoom activities are in a week?

Each activity is 1 hour long. At the moment there are 6 Zoom activities. 

What are the Zoom activities?

Activities vary depending on the day. Some of the subjects explored during the zooms are games, science, animals and more!

How will users access the activities?

The member (or their family member/ caregiver) will need to contact us. A user name and password will be assigned to the member.

Is the platform secure?

  • Yes. We want to protect our members’ confidentiality and we chose one of the most secure meeting platforms: Zoom. 
  • We do frequent updates 
  • We have a screening process regarding people accessing the virtual platform and its activities
  • Members can only use the platform’s chat feature with the instructor
  • There are rules and guidelines to adhere to when participating in an activity

How many animators will be present during each activity? What is the role of each animator?

There will be two animators. The lead animator’s role is to carry out the  activity. The 2nd animator is present to ensure the activity continues in the case the lead animator experiences technical issues. 

Will the members participate in any activities that could potentially damage a computer (painting, water etc.)?

No, but it is up to the member to manipulate their own device with care.

What type of technology will families need to access the platform?.

The platform is compatible with most devices and internet browsers. The participants will need 

  • Strong internet connection
  • Access to Zoom
  • A webcam
  • A microphone.

Will parents or caregivers have to be present and actively involved during the Zoom activity?

No, that’s where we excel. Our animators are experienced at keeping the members engaged and at addressing basic technical problems that may arise. 

What age do individuals need to be to become members of Connexions and have access to all the content and activities on the platform?

The admissibility of an individual is something that will be determined during the screening process. However, most individuals aged 13 and up should be able to join Connexions.

Are there fees to access the platform and all its activities?

Presently, there are no fees, for members of Action Centre & Camp Massawippi, to access the platform and all its content and activities. If you are from another organization and would like to have full access to Connexions, there is a 25$ annual fee. Please contact us for more details. 

What else is available to the members on the online platform?

In addition to the Zoom activities, members will have access to videos and capsules. They are able to view them at their convenience.