Procedures and rules members must adhere to 

  1. Safety

If the group leader believes that someone in the group is in danger or endangering the personal safety of others in the group in any way, the leader has a professional obligation to take direct action in order to keep everyone safe. 

  1. Privacy 

No group member is ever required to answer any question, to participate in any activity, or to tell anything. If you are asked questions or asked to participate in an activity which makes you feel uncomfortable, you have the right to pass, that is, the right to refuse.  

  1. Dignity

No group member is ever humiliated, hazed, or abused in any way.  

  1. Violence or intimidation

Violence or intimidation toward other group members is never tolerated. Participants must never be violent or intimidating toward other group members. If someone threatens to harm a person or property, the member will be asked to leave the group. 

  1. Commitment

Group members are asked to make a serious commitment to the activities. Their presence is essential. In the case of a known absence, members must inform the group leader in advance.  

  1. Language

The virtual activities will be bilingual. Animators will be speaking in English and French. Members may speak in the language which they are most comfortable in. 

  1. Caregivers

Caregivers are welcome to be in close proximity to the member during the virtual activity. In cases of technical or communication difficulties, caregivers are welcome to intervene and assist the member. Caregivers must also follow all of the above rules. 


It is the group leader’s responsibility to enforce these guidelines. The leader may remove someone from the group if they are not respecting the guidelines.

 In order to be readmitted in the activities, the member must meet and discuss their re-integration with the group leaders.