Sign Language Videos

American Sign Language (ASL) is the main language in North America used by people who are hearing impaired. Here are just SOME of the many reasons why we should familiarize ourselves with this special language!

  • It is more common than you think: It is the 5th most common language in North America.
  • It is easy to learn: It involves many everyday gestures that we already use.
  • It is good for our brain health: learning a new language can delay the onset of dementia.
  • It lets us experience the beauty of silence: We are surrounded by noise pollution and ASL allows us to lower the noise level around us.
  • It is very useful: Knowing how to sign can help us communicate with someone across a crowded room or if we lost our voice!
  • It is beautiful: Each language has its beauty and so does ASL. Its beautiful gestures are a fluid dance that helps us stay connected.

Members of Connexions have recently shown great interest in learning ASL, to better communicate with fellow members who are verbally and/or hearing impaired. We are therefore sharing the educational videos done by Camp Massawippi’s VCamp that teach us how to sign!  The beauty of it is that you can practice at your convenience, in the comfort of your own home.

Cooking Videos

Cooking is one of the many activities we do with our members at the Action Centre. We learn how to make amazing treats that are both healthy and delicious. Not only is this an activity that teaches us life skills, but it allows us to laugh, share stories and get to know one another better as we cook. The best part is getting to enjoy our yummy treats after the hard work. 

We try to choose recipes that are easy, tasty and healthy. Join us in making these delicious recipes!




Caution! Some of the recipes require the use of an oven, stove top and/or knife. If you have limited mobility and/or do not usually cook for yourself, please ask for assistance from someone you trust. It is very important that you stay safe!